With us, you have access to a wider pool of items and services needed for your business.


We supply diverse and broad range of items as requested by our client. Our pricing is very competitive and we endeavor to find the best solution for our client on any item. And these include everything from office furniture to tech, office equipment, household equipment, tools, safety and personal protective equipment, cleaning equipment, consumables, stationery, etc.

In our quest to satisfy our clients, we source from within and outside Ghana. We can also quote on importation of specialized items and facilitate the entire process from purchasing abroad, custom clearance and delivery.


Got an errand? Consider it done

With keygate, you can focus on your core business while we get your errands fulfilled. Trust us to give you that extra hand just when you need it.

Our errand runners are trained through seminars and classes. Our service is fast, efficient and completely reliable. Thus making life easier for our client.

Our Services includes:

→Time sensitive/specific deliveries

→Airport/event pick up and drop off transportation

→Document/package delivery

→Property/project development monitoring

→Car wash/servicing or repair

→Moving/relocation co-ordination

→Sorting and organizing

→Transportation & distribution services


Need a handyman?

At keygate, we source the services of handymen for our clients whenever the need arises. Thereby eliminating the costs associated with finding, hiring, administering and managing your own maintenance staff.

We conduct background check on them to ensure they are suitable for jobs.


→Ceiling specialists



→Air conditioner specialists




→Welders etc.


We offer a complete barcode solutions through supply of barcode printing machines, barcode scanners, thermal ribbons, labels and other barcode printing consumables.

We supply custom printed barcode labels which can be used for asset tagging, stock control, product labels and inventory management.


Many large organizations has many assets which needs to be physically verified and carry out records reconciliation based on books and tag the assets using barcode technology.

International financial reporting standard (IFRS) has identified fixed assets are often the most important line item on the balance sheet and are under greater scrutiny.

Many businesses are however exposed to financial, tax and compliance risk due to sub-standard fixed asset register containing grouped assets, vague descriptions, ghost assets and other information gaps.

At keygate, we assist organizations to tag and create asset records that can be easily maintained and audited in the future. Fixed asset tagging is a good practice in pursuit of better fixed assets business control. Tag settings on fixed assets do not only assist business to locate the fixed assets during a physical count session, but also sends an efficient signal to other sections (within the company) that assets are under close observation.

We work with you to create a cleansed and reliable fixed asset register for effective fixed asset management control. We go extra miles to put processes in place that will stave off any future oversight with regards to the company’s fixed asset management.