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General Goods Supplier

We supply diverse and broad range of items as requested by our client. Our pricing is very competitive and we endeavor to find the best solution for our client on any item.

Errand Services

With keygate, you can focus on your core business while we get your errands fulfilled. Trust us to give you that extra hand just when you need it.

Sourcing Agent

At keygate, we source the services of handymen for our clients whenever the need arises. Thereby eliminating the costs associated with finding, hiring, administering and managing your own maintenance staff.

Barcode Solutions

We offer a complete barcode solutions through supply of barcode printing machines, barcode scanners, thermal ribbons, labels and other barcode printing consumables.

Tagging & reconciliation of fixed assets

Many large organizations has many assets which needs to be physically verified and carry out records reconciliation based on books and tag the assets using barcode technology.


At Keygate, we provide strategies by which an organization can contract out major functions to specialize and efficient service providers who ultimately become valued business partners.


Keygate Ghana Ltd is reputable, by acting with ethics and integrity to deliver practical business solutions to propel our clients to become high-performance businesses through consistency in value delivery.
At keygate, we strive to continuously improve and align with the values and policies of our clients, so as to deliver exceptional services to meet their expectations.